Transship Process

  • Shop from various sellers in China
  • Goods arrive at our Transship Depot
  • We'll inspect and combine all goods into one package
  • Select shipping option and pay the freight to transship
  • Receive goods within US (48 states only)

How does work?

      1. Browse and explore various products from different Chinese e-commerce sellers on

      2. Place an order on our site and we will collect the first payment.

      3. We will order the items for you and store them in our Transship Depot.

      4. As each item arrive, we will inspect, weigh, and provide photos for you.

      5. At any time, you can select some or all of the arrived items and make an international shipping payment.

      6. We will repackage your selection into a single package and transship it to you in the USA via your specified shipping option. offers a flexible wholesale shopping experience:

  • At any time during this process, you can continue to order more items.

  • You can customize your single package with items from any of your orders, as long as they have arrived at the Transship Depot.