About Us

willgetone.com is a one-stop shopping platform dedicated to purchasing and transshipping Chinese e-commerce products for customers in the United States of America.

Who are we?

  • We are a group of professionals with decades of experience in e-commerce platform retail, wholesale and international trade.

What service do we provide?

  • We work as customer agents to handle the logistics of purchasing e-commerce products in China on behalf of our customers. This includes:

      1. 1. Buying, returning, and exchanging the items.

        2. Storing and inspecting the received goods.

        3. Repackaging and shipping the final selection.

  • We convert the relevant information of high-quality Chinese e-commerce products into English and U.S. dollars for our customers.

  • At no additional cost, customers can use our Transship Depot in China to collect and hold products while customers finalize their shipments.

  • We provide a variety of shipping options so that customers can control their own costs.

  • We continuously collect and update our listings with the latest, hottest, best, and economical e-commerce products in China.

  • We have a wealth of experience in helping customers solve the problems of finding products, communication, negotiation, payment, inspection, shipping, etc. they will encounter when purchasing Chinese e-commerce products.

How does willgetone.com work?

      1. Browse and explore various products from different Chinese e-commerce sellers on willgetone.com.

      2. Place an order on our site and we will collect the first payment.

      3. We will order the items for you and store them in our Transship Depot.

      4. As each item arrive, we will inspect, weigh, and provide photos for you.

      5. At any time, you can select some or all of the arrived items and make an international shipping payment.

      6. We will repackage your selection into a single package and transship it to you in the USA via your specified shipping option.